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2018-11-07 / Editorial

Residents can learn more about the HAWK signal

Bee Editorial

Residents may notice something new while driving down Main Street. A HAWK signal was recently installed in front of the Williamsville Library, which will allow pedestrians to safely cross Main Street at a mid-block location.

The signal will be operational and available for public use in approximately two weeks, and it’s important for drivers and pedestrians to be aware of how the HAWK signal will work to ensure both safety and productivity.

A pedestrian hybrid beacon, the acronym “HAWK” is derived from the phrase “High-Intensity Activated crossWalK” signal. The device is used to warn and control vehicle and pedestrian traffic at unsignalized locations. Beacons will alert and direct eastbound and westbound traffic of the pedestrian crossing.

The beacon, which is typically activated by a push button, remains dark until it is activated by a pedestrian. When activated, the beacon will flash yellow to signal motorists to prepare to stop followed by a solid yellow and then a steady red.

Pedestrian signal heads, located at either end of the crosswalk, display the upraised hand signal or “don’t walk” indication until the HAWK beacon displays the steady red signal.

At that time, the pedestrian heads will display the walking person, which signals that it’s safe to walk across the street. Afterward, the beacon turns dark again.

Village officials are urging the community to become familiar with the operation of the HAWK signal and the responsibilities of pedestrians and motorists. On the village website, www.walkablewilliamsville.com, there are two posts that the public may view to learn more about the traffic device. According to the village, the first post includes an animation of the HAWK signal’s operation as well as a link to download a printable brochure about the device. The second post details the functions and each step of the HAWK signal directions, the village said.

In addition to the website, information about the signal is available on the Village of Williamsville’s Facebook and Twitter pages. To receive updates about the HAWK signal and all other village-related news, either “like” or “follow” Village of Williamsville on the respective social media outlets.

Further information about the signal, including copies of the brochure, is also available at Village Hall, 5565 Main St., or by calling 632-4120.

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