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2018-11-07 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Most of the dead trees at the corner of Youngs Road and Hershey have been cut down. It’s now a big mess. I’m wondering what’s going to happen. It needs to be cleaned up, because it’s a real eyesore in Amherst.

.I want to thank the Department of Transportation for upgrading the traffic signals at Main and Cayuga and at Mill. I think it should help traffic flow through the village immensely.

.Amherst’s Energy Conservation Citizens Advisory Committee consists of seven volunteer members, one town Engineering Department employee and town Councilwoman Berger. The committee’s Sept. 6 posted minutes indicate five volunteer members and the town employee were absent. Councilwoman Berger was in attendance and made suggestions. I suggest this committee be abolished and the issues delegated to the Engineering Department.

.With the winter parking ban now in force in Dana Heights, the police could be making a fortune. Right now there are 14 cars parked in the streets and no police cars during the night to ticket them. It’s about time the police start patrolling Dana Heights, because there are cars parked out there all night.

.The Amherst Senior Transport service was suspended without notification to residents a couple weeks ago; now it is operating sporadically, and I haven’t seen anything in the paper. It has affected people’s ability to get to medical appointments and back and forth to the Senior Center.

.The Town of Amherst is a great place; however, two things are rather disturbing. One, the New Road development by Natale has been approved. That is something that is going to be regrettable for many years to come; the scope and scale is much too large to wedge that into that area, not to mention the construction noise and disruption for the next two to three years. Two, all the other towns in Erie County are extending start of the parking ban until at least Nov. 15. With temperatures in the 50s and 60s and no snow in sight, why doesn’t Amherst follow suit?

.Now that the fall has come and the leaves are starting to fall, this is a pleasant reminder to everyone that you should not be raking large piles of leaves into the street. Leave them on the curb or on your grass; they are not going to wreck your lawn. The town is good about picking up the leaf piles. Please do not rake your leaves into the street; it’s against the law.

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