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2018-10-10 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Potholes on Erie County roads caused $498 damage to my automobile. Erie County sales tax was $40 of the $498 total. Sales taxes on auto repairs should go directly to a special fund to replace Erie County’s deplorable roads.

.I saw the complaint about the police blotter, and I disagree. I think it’s very interesting, and I don’t think anyone should be calling in negative reports to begin with. They should be grateful they have the paper to read.

.Warning to all Amherst voters: our new Democratic town supervisor has already made plans to raise our property taxes 7 percent. Thank you so much, Democratic voters. That’s only a sample of what happens to both local and national taxes when Democrats are put into power.

.Amherst Supervisor Kulpa’s 2019 budget has a spending increase that must be carried by town taxpayers on their property tax bill. The increase is $5,479,200, up 7.32 percent over 2018 spending. This is 100 percent unacceptable.

.How great is it the Democrats are in charge of the Town of Amherst and for their first budget — guess what? — they are raising our taxes. Isn’t that just great?

. I don’t think Canalside is good place to put a new convention center. There is too much going on at Canalside. They are smothering the place. The best place to put a new convention center is to renovate the old one, knock down the Statler and expand the current convention center all the way to Delaware where the Statler stands.

.Looks like Kulpa is reaping the after effects of the Weinstein years, where the town’s cash reserves were depleted, projects deferred, a 40 percent raise given to the town board and tax breaks passed out like candy to developers, leaving taxpayers to fund the deficit.

.The 100 percent Democratic town board must be joking. Why would we need to bust through the property tax cap when taxes are already so high? Tell these Democrats that we won’t pay for their wasteful spending and patronage jobs anymore.

.It was stated that the town has to spend $157,000 to build paddle board courts. We could save this money and convert our tennis courts to paddle board courts by adding extra lines. By doing that, we could save that money in Amherst.

.The town supervisor preaches responsible government but is proposing a budget with a spending increase which would exceed the state’s property tax cap. There is certainly nothing responsible about that.

.Carmax is coming to Niagara Falls Boulevard, and they are making the corner look beautiful. However when you drive down the 290 ramp to Niagara Falls Boulevard, you are sitting next to six-foot-high weeds along the road between Carmax and the road. Town of Amherst has always stated they would keep weeds down so animals can’t live in there. Doesn’t seem like they are doing it there, and it certainly doesn’t look as nice as the Carmax property.

.Whatever happened to respecting our judicial system? I always understood that under the law a person should be presumed innocent until a jury of his/her peers found him/her guilty. However, it now appears if you’re a white male and a Republican and a woman accuses you of anything, the media and the Democrats assume you’re guilty and there doesn’t need to be a trial. It’s one thing to disagree; it’s another convict without corroborating evidence.

.It didn’t take long. Put in a Democrat as supervisor, and he wants to raise taxes. Why should he use a windfall from assessments to enable him to spend more money? He should have asked Dr. Weinstein to show him how to do a budget.

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