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2018-09-19 / Letters to the Editor

Clean energy the way of the future

Recently, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $15 million to build New York’s clean energy workforce. This is good news, since new energy technologies can provide improved resilience in the face of extreme weather. Like many New Yorkers, I have vivid memories of the power outages during Buffalo’s October Storm and more. And according to scientists, these types of events are becoming more common.

It’s clear to me that clean energy is the way of the future. I was thrilled when solar technology became affordable, and I’ve since installed solar panels on my roof to support clean energy and lower my bills. Now, with the advent of battery storage, these technologies are helping people and emergency centers power through storms. Solar = clean air.

However, despite Cuomo’s best intentions, our state’s solar progress could soon be stifled by utility interests. Six joint utilities have proposed implementing an anti-solar “demand charge.” These utilities serve more than a quarter of the state, and the policy change would make the bills of new solar customers more expensive and confusing.

I hope that New York officials will reject these charges and ensure that more citizens can continue to benefit from solar technology the way I have.

Marsha Whipple
Fairfield Ave.

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