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2018-09-19 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I agree that Williamsville School taxes are outrageous, but it’s more than our taxes increasing. We need to look into who they are paying and what they are doing with tax dollars.

.Gov. Cuomo has been on a mission for local government agencies to combine services. With that as a noble goal, the Village Court should be abolished and moved to Amherst Town Court.

.An open letter to the Amherst Police Department: You are great; we love you, but can you please crack down on red-light runners? The problem is epidemic in Amherst, especially at major intersections like Sheridan Drive and North Forest.

.I will support the Erie County clerk’s program and effort to register your motor vehicles locally when Erie County institutes a major program to repair Eric County roads.

.The Village Board and village parks committee should be more forthcoming about the plans for a multiuse building to be erected in Garrison Park. I understand they have the funding to build it, and it will include restaurants, changing area and storage. One of the positives regarding the little park is that you can see into it. Neighbors are people who generally observe what’s going on and will report vandalism, arson, fights, drug use, etc., to authorities. What we do need are facilities in Glen Park, which is heavily used. They already have a building, and that’s the place they should spend the money.

.Delta Sonic bought the property on Niagara Falls Boulevard, site of the former Menne Nursery. The property backs up to Old Falls Boulevard running along the bike path and canal. Well, that property has come under disrepair; the grass is completely overgrown and looks horrendous. Can someone please maintain that property?

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