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2018-09-12 / Letters to the Editor

Wing Fest, Buffalo praised by British entry

Hi, David [Sherman]. I read your column about judging Buffalo wings. I enjoyed the read.

I wanted to say thank you to you and all the other judges at Wing Fest. Now that I have the experience of one Wing Fest under my belt, I understand that the tolerance level for heat between the U.K. and U.S. is a little different, lol.

A lot of people struggled with our hot stuff wing, yet that is just a normal flavour on our wings in the U.K. In hindsight, I should have submitted the Queen’s Choice Strawberry wing. We were getting so much great feedback for that wing.

If we come back next year, we’ll bring that one back plus some other new flavours. I really do love making people happy.

Buffalonians were so nice and treated us amazingly. Next time, I’ll create a wing especially for them. I also have a slogan for them: “Wings + Love = Buffalo.” Thank you to you and everyone in Buffalo.

Darul Rahman
(Mr. Stickywings)
London, England

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