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2018-09-12 / Editorial

Parents can stay connected with mobile app

Bee Editorial

Many schools are integrating technology inside and outside the classroom in various ways. It can be helpful in the classroom for the students who use it for their studies and an easy way for parents to stay up-to-date with what is happening in their child’s school district.

And, the Amherst Central School District has introduced a new way for parents and the community to stay connected to the school district. A free mobile app, available in the iTunes App store or Google Play store, provides quick access to events, news, school menus, Tiger tip line and notifications.

In the app stores, it can be found by searching for Amherst CSD and the orange “capital A” logo. Users will be asked to select the buildings they want to follow through the settings options.

To receive notifications, it must be activated through the settings options. The district is a default; so if users follow two schools, they will see those two, as well as the district. Settings can be changed at any time.

Drawing from the information on the Amherst Central School District website, the app puts important information at users’ fingertips. While the app does have a notifications feature, the Aspen Parent Portal and School Messenger will remain the official notification systems to reach every family in the district.

According to the district, some features of the new app include Top Stories, a visual scroll of the top five items that are on social media or the website news; Activity Stream, a combination of news, calendar and social media; Tip Line, modeled on the Tiger Tip Line to allow for reporting of bullying, threats or vandalism; Resources, with information for parents, students and the community; and links to staff directories, building contacts and food service. This is a great way for parents to stay in the know about what’s going on in terms of activities or even on a safety level.

It’s important that parents stay involved in these matters because it can prevent stress and worry, especially if a parent has multiple children in one school district. The app can also be purchased for free, which makes it easy and accessible to retrieve off a smartphone.

Parents can also find information on the district’s website, which posts district news and other relevant information. It is also where parents can access the Aspen Parent Portal.

According to the district, the mobile app notifications will supplement other methods of communication.

For more information about the app or what’s happening in the district, visit www.amherstschools.org.

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