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2018-08-15 / Letters to the Editor

Prohibition Party an alternative to Democrats, GOP

In a time when people in our state and country are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the Democratic and Republican parties, more people are increasingly looking for political alternatives. For those who are interested in seeking an alternative, may I bring your attention to the Prohibition Party.

The Prohibition Party is the oldest living third party in the country, founded on advancing social reform and improving the public well-being. It has helped advance important issues such as temperance and women’s suffrage, and it continues today as a dynamic political organization. In recent years, the Prohibition Party has been experiencing a growth in membership and activism. In 2016, the party’s presidential candidate, Jim Hedges, received the party’s largest vote total since 1988.

The party’s state-level group, the Prohibition Party of New York, engages in a variety of issue advocacy and political activism. Its state-level activism includes support for stronger state ethics laws, ending state support for the alcohol industry and addressing alcohol as a public health problem, improving the quality of education, making college and vocational education more affordable, and reducing the burden of property taxes.

It also includes support for reforming state economic development programs to be more effective and better meet the needs of communities, passing the child victims act and other policies to help build a better future for New York.

For more information, search the Prohibition Party of New York on Facebook or email newyorkprohibition@aol.com.

Jonathan Makeley, Durham Drive, Amherst

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