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2018-07-11 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago
July 13, 1893

A Nevada hunter spent three months looking for a grizzly bear, and the man’s relatives have spent three months looking for him. They think he must have found the bear.

“The bandmaster’s business is nearly always conducted on a sound basis.”

100 Years Ago
July 11, 1918

Mr. G.H. Widler and son Virgil, with a camping party, are in the Adirondacks for two weeks. Miss Honor and Master Ted Widler are in Akron with relatives.

The annual picnic of the Hutchinson Hose Company, was, as usual, a great success. The delicious meals proved to be a great drawing card. After President A.H. Herman complimented the boys on their appearance, he gave way to Mr. E.H. Hutchinson, without whom this day of celebration would not be complete.

The annual Lederhouse reunion was held June 29 at the home of Frank Lederhouse on Canal Road in Pendleton. It was the largest and most successful gathering in the history of the organization.

Rochester has requested that a ship be named for Frederick Douglass.

Grain fields in several Niagara County towns have been much damaged by pheasants.

The new rules relating to sugar went into effect on July 1 and are very stringent regarding public eating places, bakeries and all dealers in sugar from the refiner to the retailer. The latest advances from Washington are that there will be no shortage of sugar providing allowances are lived up to. So let everyone lend a hand.

Yes, home canning is warm work. But how would you describe work in the trenches?

75 Years Ago
July 15, 1943

The Snyder Hose Company will throw open the doors of its building on Sunday, July 25, from 2 to 6 p.m. so that residents of the Snyder Fire District may know the equipment, apparatus and facilities their firemen have for emergency use.

Announcement has been made of the cancellation of the annual picnic of the North Amherst Fire Co. War conditions are responsible.

Charles Lorence, at one time a well-known resident of the Sweet Home Road, died on July 4, 1943, after a two-week illness.

50 Years Ago
July 10, 1968

“Ransom Oaks,” the name submitted by Mrs. Rose Diensberg of Eggertsville, has been selected for the new development and country club in northeast Amherst.

A new building site for residents of the 63-year-old Blocher Home on Evans Street is now being cleared. The building is expected to accommodate approximately 50 people in private rooms. The present building accommodates 30.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank X. Lippert of South Union Road will observe their golden wedding anniversary on July 23 at a dinner at the Park Lane restaurant. A veteran of World War I, Mr. Lippert worked for the Amherst Highway Department for 13 years until his retirement in 1956.

Dr. Joyce Brothers, nationally known psychologist, was the guest of honor at a reception on July 2 at the Lord Amherst restaurant.

From the Blotter: “Stevenson Boulevard resident reports that while she is at work, boys are getting into her pool, making a mess and disturbing neighbors. She has names.”

25 Years Ago
July 14, 1993

The Australians lost to the Czechs 2-0 at Erie Community College North on Friday — but that’s not stopping Amherst resident William Milne from cheering for his adopted team. Milne, along with his daughter Alison and friend Shelly Jones, is hosting the Australian men’s soccer team for the World University Games.

Marilyn Ciancio of Eggertsville has been installed as president of the State University at Buffalo Women’s Club for 1993-94.

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