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2018-06-20 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Kudos to Williamsville East students who planted trees at Bassett Park and will be taking care of them this summer to make sure they will survive. It’s such a pleasure to hear that our young citizens take such an active interest in nature and their community park. Perhaps this could be a yearly tradition, as Bassett Park could use many more trees.

.The federal tax cuts and job act of 2017 included a section where utilities can rebate to consumers a rate reduction in their utility bills. Across 50 states, 101 utilities chose this option and reduced their rates. Here in New York, no utility reduced rates.

.I agree with complaints about campers, motor homes and house trailers being parked in neighbors’ driveways part or most of the year. I called the town and the so-called ordinance is very confusing. The individual I spoke with could not even answer my questions. We now have Sheridan Drive being used as a parking lot. Neighbors can use driveways as parking lots for oversized vehicles. There should be a costly permit required to do this. The town now has the nerve to state they are going to reassess properties again. Mine for sure had better be lowered.

.Kudos to the person who posted a couple weeks back about the barking dogs on Brockmore in East Amherst. It is becoming a quality-of-life issue now as these dogs bark uncontrollably all day long. Even when the owners are home, the dogs bark when the winds blow. I am a dog owner of more than eight years, and we are courteous of our neighbors, especially in the summer when windows are open and we do not allow our dogs to bark uncontrollably and upset our neighbors. I suggest the caller contact the Amherst Police.

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