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2018-04-11 / Letters to the Editor

Gun control movement can’t be ignored

I am a senior citizen. I don’t believe in guns. I have felt this for many years, but more so since the tragedies at Sandy Hook and Las Vegas.

I welcome this opportunity to stand in solidarity with like-minded people.

I am so proud of all the people, both young and old, who organized, funded and attended the March For Our Lives in Washington and elsewhere.

My preference would be no guns, period. No one could shoot a gun if there were no guns available. No one would die from a gun if there were no guns available. No one would be maimed. No one would be paralyzed.

I know this is unrealistic, but at least we have taken a first step.

I would like to know where all our representatives stand on the issue of gun control. I would not vote for anyone avoiding this question.

Our young people have started a movement that cannot be ignored. They are your voters next year or the year after. They are our future representatives.

Time goes by fast.

Christy Kirisits
Barberry Lane

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