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2018-04-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.We have bullying going on in Heim Elementary School. Can someone please help us? My child is scared to go to school. We need help.

.I am shocked at the amount of people complaining that students protested for safe schools during the school day. You are complaining about wasting tax dollars. Are you serious? Children are afraid to go to school and want to voice this. Shame on you for looking at this in dollars and cents. I sincerely hope Western New York never experiences such a tragedy; however, if we ever did, you would probably be the first to call and complain about lack of safety or preparation. If you don’t want kids wasting school time, get up off your seat and strive for change instead of complaining. I hope your children or grandchildren never face such fear.

.Last week in the early morning I turned from Youngs Road down Renaissance toward Ayer. It was still dark. As I rounded the curve in the road, right next to my car appeared a jogger running in the street toward me about a foot from my side-view mirror. I was totally shocked to see someone in the dark right there. This is such a dangerous practice. I don’t understand why joggers feel it’s their right to jog in the street; there is a sidewalk right on the other side of the street she could have used. There should be a law against this. Join a gym, jog around an empty parking lot or, better yet, use the sidewalks created especially for you and leave the streets for the cars. Maybe the police should start ticketing these people for creating such a dangerous situation.

.Amherst’s Energy Conservation Citizen Advisory Committee has not provided the 2017 annual output from the 14.8 kw solar panel installation at Clearfield. Available are many Internet solar programs that predict output taking into account cloud and snow cover for this area. The program with the best output estimated 16,500 kw hours for Clearfield. The efficiency becomes 16,500 kw divided by 14.8 kw times 8760 hours equals 12.7 percent.

.Chris Collins never seems to have time to meet with anyone who hasn’t given him a big check. The gun issue is of great concern to a majority of Americans of both parties. I am disgusted that he refuses to attend a major community meeting on the subject.

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