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2018-03-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The county needs to start filling the potholes. Hopkins, Wehrle (from Harlem to Aero), Hopkins (from Sheridan to Klein) are all in terrible condition, even the Village of Williamsville. We have a new mayor; isn’t he driving up and down these streets to get to work? If you call the 311 number it only goes to Buffalo. If you call the county, they fill one pothole at a time. Enough cars have been damaged this winter because of these holes. I’ve never seen it so bad in Amherst, Williamsville and Cheektowaga.

.The electric vehicle charging station spaces adjacent to the Williamsville Library were blocked with fossil fuel vehicles preventing me and others from charging our vehicles. The village should restrict fossil fuel cars from parking in those spaces.

.Amherst taxpayers, where is our police department patrols after midnight in areas where there is a parking ban? In the Dana Heights area, there are cars parked all over the streets and still no tickets. What is the reason for this?

.If I had my choice between a neighbor with chickens or a neighbor with wind chimes ringing in the breeze all day and all night, I’d pick the one with chickens.

.About the unusual proposition to allow people to raise chickens in the village, I think this is a horrible idea. There is a rodent problem in the village now, and it will increase exponentially. If you want eggs or a fresh chicken to eat, go to a supermarket.

.I think it’s a great idea to turn the clocks ahead and leave them that way forever. No more turning the clocks back or ahead. If New York State doesn’t do it, why can’t Mark Poloncarz do it in Erie County?

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