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2018-03-07 / Police Blotter

Man in green exposes himself near park

Sunday, Feb. 25

• A red-haired woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard clothing store. According to an employee, the woman stole a pile of children’s clothes. She was apprehended by police in a nearby parking lot.

• At a Harrogate Square apartment building, a resident reported that his iPad was stolen from his vehicle overnight. The man said the vehicle was unlocked at the time of the incident.

• On Old Niagara Falls Boulevard, a man wearing green clothes was reportedly exposing himself to people at Ellicott Creek Island Park. The man was also described as “looking homeless.”

Monday, Feb. 26

• Police responded to Herron Drive where a group of people were reportedly playing basketball and being loud. Officers advised the group of the complaint and requested they keep the noise level at a minimum.

• A resident of Robin Road reported that her 2009 Hyundai was damaged in the parking lot. She also told officers it appeared as if there were spots of blood on the ground in front of her vehicle.

• At a Sweet Home Road health care facility, a patient who had received cataract surgery was being uncooperative and wanted to drive after the procedure. An employee reported she shouldn’t be driving because of the surgery in addition to her still being under the effects of anesthesia.

Tuesday, Feb. 27

• On Sandpiper Court, a woman reported that a bird hit the rear window of her home. A contracted repairman, who was at the home at the time of the incident, said it may have been a BB gun pellet that caused the noise.

• A resident of Campbell Boulevard reported that he received an odd letter from a neighbor. According to the neighbor, the resident’s dogs were “disturbing the peace because they bark at all hours of the night.”

• At a Main Street fast food restaurant, an irate customer was reportedly threatening to spit on other patrons. The employee who called police said the man was in his late 20s and was wearing a Buffalo Bills hat. The man fled the restaurant prior to the arrival of officers.

Wednesday, Feb. 28

• An employee of a Niagara Falls Boulevard pet supply store reported that a man attempted a pay for items using a counterfeit $100 bill. According to the employee, the man fled the store in a white four-door sedan.

• On Berryman Drive, a resident reported that a squirrel appeared to be lying injured in the backyard of a neighbor’s property. Animal control officers responded to assist the animal.

• The owner of a Fairgreen Drive property reported that his former tenants, who were evicted, moved their belongings in the middle of the night and damaged portions of the property. The owner said the lawn was damaged because the tenants intentionally drove over it with a vehicle.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the Police Department. The blotter is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. It is also not a record of all calls answered by dispatchers. In a seven day period, from Feb. 21 through Feb. 27, 1,303 calls to dispatchers were logged into the Amherst police’s computer database.)

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