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2018-03-07 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Something needs to be done about the loose dogs in Amherst State Park. Why should I be afraid to walk there because these people are disobeying the law? Perhaps dogs should be banned from the park if dog owners cannot be responsible.

.Williamsville Central School District board members are hypocrites if they voted against eliminating class rank at the sophomore and junior high school levels. They want to eliminate scoring and ranking for teachers, yet they want to rank our children. Shame on you.

.What is the Village of Williamsville going to do to the people who put our their garbage early? It’s frustrating to village residents. Also, people don’t put cardboard in totes, and it flies around the neighborhood, and others have to pick it up. If something can be done, I’d appreciate it.

.Why can’t the Erie County Water Authority update its phone reporting system in such a way that they verify your account number by reading it back to you and verify your meter reading by reading it back to you? The drugstores do this, and there has never been a mistake. But how would you know there is a mistake when they don’t verify your reading? It’s very easy to push a wrong button; It doesn’t make sense, and it wouldn’t be that hard or expensive to change it.

.The state DOT held an informational meeting in November regarding proposed lane changes on South Union Road. We thank the DOT for listening to us and acting on our comments.

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