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2018-02-14 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.When Mayor DeLano delivers his state of the village address, he can assert that village government is to be praised for their pay down in village debt. That began year 2017 at $5,795,000 and ended at $4,434,000, a reduction of $1,361,000.

.I campaigned for Brian Kulpa because I am strongly in favor of keeping Westwood green. I hope he and his fellow board members remember why they got elected and continue to make it a priority. I like the central park idea.

.To residents who use a plow service to clear snow from your driveways, please do not block your driveways with garbage totes. Put them to one side, and if your mail is street delivery, keep totes on the same side as the mailbox. By law, your snow must stay on your property, meaning that one side of the base of your driveway must be left open to pile snow. All of your customers need their driveways plowed in a timely manner. Blocked driveways might be skipped until a later time in that day.

.The Amherst police are working on a multitude of unsolved crimes and pedestrian deaths. Unsolved are a bank robbery and two jewelry heists. Pedestrian and cycle deaths stand at three, with drivers not being charged. Their labor contract is up. New leadership and more transparency is in order.

.For years notices appear in The Bee with requests to change zoning laws for some developer’s project. Weren’t those zoning laws made in the first place to protect residents from the results of the variance?

.I’ve lived in Amherst more than 40 years, and for most of that time the snowplowing has been excellent; however, for the past couple of years it has gone downhill. Yesterday, Sheridan Drive was a mess at 10 o’clock, and that storm started at 7. There is no excuse for this. It didn’t used to be this way; we always had snowstorms. I don’t know if the budget is being cut, but I want better snowplowing in this town.

.The village has hired a part-time clerk at $21.52 per hour. What is the job description for a clerk earning $21.52 an hour? That job in the private sector would not pay $21.52 per hour for clerk work. The position should be recalled and existing staff assigned the work.

.Amherst has 34 boards and committees. There is an employee extended leave committee. How about a 35th committee to get more productivity from Amherst public-sector employees?

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