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2018-01-10 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I didn’t know the winter parking ban was optional. Well, it seems that way on Longmeadow. Be careful driving down this street, as sometimes only one side of the street is plowed due to inconsiderate neighbors. I wish the police would ticket those cars or, better yet, tow them.

.Amherst Traffic Safety Board meeting video of Dec. 6 spent 46 minutes listening to 11 residents, mostly women, express their safety concerns with the Tech Drive/Main Street/Stonham Way intersection. A traffic signal was requested by the group. At the conclusion of the discussion, an ATSB member stated there are many traffic lights nearby and, should one be installed here, we can’t guarantee drivers will stop if the light is red. The ATSB needs new members to address traffic deaths and crashes in Amherst.

.Why did the food service workers in the Williamsville School District receive a $1 raise, while custodians and cleaners in the same union did not?

.Each month it seems that one uninformed resident has nothing better to do than complain about the Amherst Traffic Safety Board, when the Traffic Safety Board has no control over his concerns. Communities in the northerly half of the country cannot use speed bumps because they would break snowplows and/or the snow would cover the bumps, causing cars to go out of control. The caller needs to do some research before finding fault with a group of hardworking volunteers who understand the law.

.I think if the highway superintendent, with his expertise and experience in the Police Department, thinks the traffic at Shoreline Parkway and Millersport is a hazard, that the building department should not let them build any more buildings until they have installed a brand-new, three-colored traffic signal that will properly accommodate all the cars that would come out of Dockside Village. That project is huge and only getting bigger by the day; there will only be more cars and more accidents.

.There seems to be quite a witch hunt going on against the Amherst Traffic Safety Board. I’ve sat at meetings, and residents are listened to, but you don’t always get what you want. If you know more than those folks do, you should run for the board next time.

.What office did Brian Kulpa think he was running for? Why does he need a chief of staff at $81,000? Amherst taxpayers need to wake up and realize what kind of phony business is going on.

.Here we go. Democrats are now in control of the town. Immediately they eliminate a lawyer that is required, and the new supervisor needs someone to do his work; he hires an assistant for $81,000. Be prepared for increased taxes and patronage. Why did Kulpa take the job if he couldn’t handle it?

.Does the supervisor think we are all fools? A chief of staff for $81,000? That’s ridiculous. I can’t wait to vote him out in four years.

.Why quit your old job when you can hire someone to do the new job and get two checks plus big benefits, Mr. Supervisor? With Kulpa in charge, the all-Democratic Town Board will rubber stamp everything.

.I was very happy to see the Amherst Republicans had the integrity to speak out this week about the shenanigans pulled by the new Democratic Town Board. Our town needs more people who are willing to speak up and bring to light the ways that those in office are abusing their power. I hope the Amherst Republican Committee will continue to hold town government responsible for its actions.

.What has happened to Kleinhans? The once-classy Art Deco furnishings with beautiful wall coverings has been replaced with cheap seating and community tables. The grand lobby looks like a food court. The aisle row lights on the seating are never turned on, and the volunteers at the lower fire exit allow anyone in and out. Absolutely zero security. Do you know what happened in Paris?

.To the plow drivers who plow Roycroft Boulevard, why is it that the blades cannot be turned so that all the hard-packed snow from the street is plowed onto the island and not onto residents’ trees, lawns and sidewalks?

.Traffic is a serious problem in the Town of Amherst. In fact, every candidate in last year’s election acknowledged that traffic is a major issue that must be addressed immediately. Why did the new Democratic-controlled Town Board just try to shrink the size of the Traffic Safety Board? It doesn’t make any sense. Newly elected Democrats are already showing that their campaign promises were merely lip service to get elected. We need more resources, not less, to solve our traffic problems.

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