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2017-12-06 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I would love to see the price of gas go up to about $25/gallon at the pumps, because then maybe motorists, at least in this community, wouldn’t idle their vehicles while going into a store. If not up to $25, then don’t complain about the price of a gallon of gas; you’re loaded with dough, you idlers out there.

.The Maple Road asphalt concrete overlay rides like a small watercraft in calm seas. Drivers can feel the changes in rolling smoothness. Highway profile meters would measure and reject the ride ability of this workmanship and assess a penalty on the contractor.

.In conjunction with The Bee report on Williamsville schools declining enrollment, it is relevant to note that 15 private and religious K-12 schools just in the northern half of Erie County educate approximate 4,300 students. These parents make financial sacrifices for their offspring to attend these 15 schools with no assistance from New York State. Using just $10,000 per student saves area school district taxpayers more than $43 million. I express my gratitude to those parents and The Bee for reporting this.

.As the winter season approaches, many families in Amherst hire contractors to provide snow removal from their driveways. Unfortunately, this service almost never includes the removal of snow from sidewalks. Why? It’s seems like these two services go hand in hand, whether it’s children going to the bus stop, dog walkers, runners, postal carriers, etc. It does no good for most homes to be compliant; all must. The town needs to prevent these plow services from taking shortcuts at the expense of the general public. If there is no town ordinance requiring they do a complete job, then it’s time for the town board to adopt one. Pronto.

.I live in Snyder and I’ve seen the leaf crews at least six times. They are doing a good job. The problem with leaves blowing onto your lawn is because a lot of our neighbors haven’t even raked yet.

.If you live or work in the Town of Amherst, do yourself a favor and sign up for the Citizens Police Academy. The next 13-week session begins in February, and applications are being taken now. It’s am amazing program; it’s very informative, very well presented and covers pretty much every aspect of police work in Amherst. It’s well worth your time.

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