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2017-11-08 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Village officials with plans for a 22 kw solar panel installation on the DPW roof will be sorely disappointed with the results. To obtain a solar panel efficiency of 14 percent, the panels must face due south at a 22 degree tilt. DPW roof ridge runs north and south, so roof slopes face east and west. With half the panels facing east and the other half facing west, the output will be much less. Look for 22 kw times 8,760 hours per year times 9 percent efficiency equals 17,344 kwh, not 26,980 kwh at a 14-percent efficiency.

.Where is our Amherst Police? Today at 12 midnight the winter parking ban went into effect, yet I found more than 25 cars in Dana Heights parked in the street. Where are the night patrols to ticket them?

.I’m sure the young people who went up and down Hirschfield on Halloween night smashing pumpkins had a ball; however, you realize that young kids carved those pumpkins and woke up the next day to see their handiwork was smashed on the ground. Maybe your parents will read this in The Bee and ask you where you were that night. Hopefully, this will not happen again. Happy Halloween to you.

.Energy Conservation Citizens Advisory Committee (ECCAC) Oct. 5 minutes reflect on a Sierra Club initiative known as Ready for 100 Percent, a clean energy goal where electrical power can only be produced by solar wind and hydro. That initiative is pure fantasy. The ECCAC calculated to offset electrical and natural gas in the town hall with solar panels would cost $1.8 million. The ECCAC should shelve this idea.

.Eighty percent of the leaves remain on village trees, yet the DPW used three men at a time and two vehicles collecting leaves on Saturday, Nov. 4. A waste of taxpayer dollars.

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