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2017-10-11 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The Bee reports that the three GOP candidates seek solutions to alleviate traffic in the town. That is an issue that has no solution. The group should move to areas that they can have an impact on and post their position on the Amherst Police contract expiring Dec. 31, 2017. Also, why does Amherst need 33 boards and committees? Most are inactive and don’t post their agenda or minutes.

.Regarding what your managing editor wrote about the Constitutional Convention which will be on the ballot in November, after reading the entire column, I totally agree with him. Having just a little bit of background of understanding it, I think with all the corruption in New York State, it’s high time no matter what the cost. We are losing too much as taxpayers; it is time for a convention. We have to update it to shorter terms and a little bit more control of the money that always seems to be disappearing.

.To National Fuel, before you raise the price of natural gas, let’s get your meter readers out to read meters every month, not every other month. My bill jumped $20 from last month. Where did it go, I don’t know, because I didn’t use $42 worth of gas in October.

.Let me get this straight. The town’s so-called Open Government Advisory Board has so little regard for open government that it is the only town committee or board to fail to post a mission statement on the town website. Furthermore, at its last meeting, it could not carry out business because only three of its members attended. If this board is not needed, it should disband. If it is necessary, more responsible appointees are needed and it should stay out of elections.

.What will it take for the dog walkers on the Ellicott Creek Trailway in Amherst to pick up their dog’s poop? Stop leaving your plastic bags of poop on the pavement, the grass, slung into the bushes and, worst of all, on a memorial bench of someone’s loved one. Shame on you for your selfish behavior.

.I’ve read that people are praising Mayor Brian Kulpa’s ideas about development and traffic. In my neighborhood, the zoning for the proposed Natale Development should have been single-family housing. Then he wanted to swap parkland and build a park the village couldn’t afford, ruining an existing park. This would have spread out the development; this is called urban sprawl. Plus, he wants to propose a brew pub next to a Catholic church and school.

.The open government committee is hosting a Meet the Candidates Night for town board members to mingle with the public and answer questions. It allows the public access to candidates for public office free of charge in a public building without the requirement of political contributions. The public is offered few opportunities to do this. This is an important election for Amherst. I look forward to the Candidates’ Night on Oct. 12.

.The letter to the editor supporting Brian Kulpa for supervisor because he understands traffic is ridiculous. His answer to traffic problems is to eliminate the cars. Kulpa has been slowly reducing parking spaces in the village ever since he became mayor and is unconcerned with those of us who can’t walk to our jobs here.

.Why are Amherst parks already closing their restroom facilities? Now, on a beautiful weekend we can’t get into the restrooms. They are all boarded up. Doesn’t anyone look at the weather forecast and see it’s still nice weather? Come on, Amherst. Why are the restrooms closed already? There aren’t even portable toilets for someone to use. Can someone please investigate this and correct it?

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