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2017-09-13 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Scuttlebutt has it that major road rehabilitation will occur this fall in the village; however, the website under news and announcements and upcoming events makes no reference to this possible roadwork.

.Regarding the men in attendance at the Veterans Memorial still wearing their hats, I might add if these men were veterans they are allowed to do that under the U.S. Flag Code. Maintaining their head gear in place and rendering the hand salute is authorized to veterans during the playing of the national anthem.

.There are several homeowners in the Fairfax Estates neighborhood who neglect basic upkeep of their property; their overgrown shrubs, dead shrubs, weed lawns and 48-inch high golden rod ragweed flower beds are disgusting. In addition, there are damaged rooftops covered with tarps in need of repairs. The negligence presents a bad image for this pristine neighborhood and especially for those who would like to sell a home.

.I read with great sorrow that Marjory Jaeger said we must keep our town and neighborhood strong, so keep these opioid addicted human beings out of our neighborhoods. I know some very well-to-do parents in Amherst and their loved ones who are some of these poor people who need so much help and struggle every day.

.My wife and I recently visited Billy Wilson Park on Hopkins Road. It’s a great park with great trails and playground, but we were distressed at the condition of the restrooms. They smelled and were very unsanitary. Something should be done to improve the condition of the restrooms.

.There is a house on Hillside Drive that looks vacant. The village hasn’t cut the grass, and the weeds are overgrown. It looks like a vacant house. If the village could do something about it, it would be appreciated.

.This summer the neighborhood of Bentham East near Kensington and Main has endured the constant pounding of breaking rock at the nearby construction site. The icing on the cake was that pounding also occurred on Labor Day when neighbors were trying to enjoy the outdoors. It was not very neighborly to spoil our day off.

.Kudos to the Town of Amherst and the recreation department for putting on such a wonderful concert series in Bassett Park this summer. It was an eclectic and enjoyable mix of musicians.

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