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2017-08-09 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I don’t know how it could be called the Glen Park Art Festival when at least three-quarters of the stands were selling jewelry. That is not an art festival. My family was totally disappointed, and this is not the first year that it has been like this.

.The party of dirty tricks is at it again. Whether it’s raising voters from the dead, stealing political signs or suing town government, they must be proud of themselves. The latest trick is claiming anyone who’s held town office cannot hold another town office. What brilliant logic.

.I enjoyed reading Mayor Kulpa’s letter to the editor last week about different ways to redevelop Amherst. Maybe it’s time the mayor left the village and moved onto town government. He seems to do a great job with redevelopment. He’s done a wonderful job turning the Village of Williamsville into the urban city of Williamsville.

.A quick note to the Amherst Highway Department: check some of our roads before we have a Scajaquada incident. Hopkins Road near Billy Wilson Park is paved right next to Randwood Drive. Also, the same from Cimarand and Randwood; there are no guard rails. Other town roads have similar problems; new sidewalks on Klein are about six inches from the road in certain places. Please check these.

.For many years, the village traffic and safety committee has stated that 25 mph speed limits signs are illegal in New York State. Well, now they are legal because four are posted by the crosswalks at Glen Park. I hope they purchased 12 more for placing on the North Ellicott and Belmont Boulevard speedways.

.You should know that Larry Hunter of the Traffic Safety Board has been working for more than three years to resolve the traffic problems at the post office on Sheridan Drive. When the post office changed its entryway, it created serious traffic problems at Sheridan and Essjay. Mr. Hunter opposed those changes to no avail; however, he continues to work with nearby residents, elected officials and post office officials to create a safer environment for pedestrians, drivers and post office employees.

.I look forward to the candidates’ forum as reported in The Bee. I believe interest in the event will be so great that an overflow crowd will prevent many from entering the room. The Open Government Advisory Board will likely video the event. Special attention to the audio feed to hear questions from audience members is my only concern.

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