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2017-05-17 / Front Page

School budget and board election results

Voters pass budgets in all districts
by Keaton T. DePriest

Voters in all three of the town’s school districts today approved the 2017-18 budgets and also decided  winners of contested board elections.

The following is a breakdown of each district’s candidates and budget information. Board candidates and district spending plans were the only two propositions on each district’s ballots.

Williamsville Central

In the highly contested race for the Williamsville Central School Board - where seven candidates were vying for election - the winners are Kurt Venator, Susan McClary and Philip Meyer, respectively garnering 2,025, 1,887, and 1,873 votes.

Each of the three board seats carries a three-year term.

The four remaining candidates not elected to the board were Liam T. O’Mahony, Julie Algubani, Shonda Brock and Michael Littman.

The terms of Patricia Losito, Ronald Shubert and Michael Schmidt — two past presidents and a past vice president, respectively — will end in June. None chose to seek re-election.

Voters approved the district’s $186.1 million budget by a margin of 2,627 to 647. The budget has a spending increase of about 1.7 percent from the current year’s budget.

The tax levy will increase by about 2.67 percent.

Amherst Central

In the Amherst Central district, Jessica McLaughlin and Mark Smith were elected to three-year board terms after respectively tallying 608 and 532 votes. 

The third candidate, Max Medwin, was not elected after garnering 355 votes.

 Incumbents Ann Marie Carosella and Illana Lane did not seek re-election.

District voters approved the $57.3 million spending plan for 2017-18 by a margin of 723 to 112.

The budget carries a tax levy increase of 2.74 percent. The budget is an increase of about $1.7 million over this year’s $55.6 million figure.

Voters also passed - by overwhelming majority - establishing a capital improvements reserve fund. A total of 646 voters were in favor of the fund, while 102 were opposed.

Sweet Home Central

In the Sweet Home district, Michelle Mauger and incumbent Marianne Jasen and were each elected to five-year school board terms. Mauger tallied 541 votes as Jasen garnered 442.

Jennifer Poydock, the third candidate in the election, was not elected after tallying 382 votes.

Douglas Galli, Sweet Home’s current board president, did not seek re-election.

Additionally, voters approved the district’s budget of about $77.12 million by a margin of 630 to 133.

The spending plan is a 1.62 percent spending increase from the 2016-17 budget. The tax levy increase is 3.18 percent.

Voters also approved establishing a capital reserve fund, with 588 voters supporting the measure and 135 opposed.

A full report of the budget vote outcomes and election results will appear in the May 24 edition of The Amherst Bee.


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