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2017-05-17 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The Bee reports on a campaign by the Energy Conservation Citizens Advisory Committee to promote solar panels on area household rooftops. With such a promotion, one would think that both elected officials and all seven members of the committee would already have solar panels on their rooftops. Apparently, they want to be the first to take part in an effort that works only 14 percent of the year.

.Why isn’t anyone filling the potholes? Hopkins Road between Maple and Klein is terrible. Near Beach and Wehrle, they started to fill the potholes, then gave up right under the light at that intersection. Why would they fill the smaller ones and not the big ones? The roads in Amherst are terrible. You’ve had some good days to be out filling holes.

.The mayor promotes his property tax rate decrease without mentioning total spending has increased $149,420 in the next fiscal year. A 9 percent increase in assessed valuation is masking his out-of-control spending and borrowing. Open Book New York reports that additional debt of $2 million was borrowed in the year 2016. Total village deb now stands at $5,795,000 or $1,082 per resident.

.Left-turn arrows are badly needed on North French Road at the intersection of Dodge Road. There is more and more traffic on North French, and the intersection is extremely busy during rush hour. Making a left turn is dangerous and difficult. It would be a simple fix to add turn arrows. The Town of Amherst needs to take a look at this and rectify the dangerous situation.

.I would like to know how the construction of a new building at Northtown Plaza is allowed to not obey the 11 p.m. noise restriction and continue the noise throughout the hours when people are sleeping. It has done this for months. All of us nearby are ignored.

.The news media is nothing more than an outlet for the New York Times and the Washington Post with their one-sided views.

.On Tuesday morning, a garbage truck almost hit me on Campbell when it ran a stop sign. I called the Amherst Refuse Department and a man who answered the phone was extremely rude to me. When I asked for his name, he hung up on me. I then called Tuesday morning at 8:45 and left a message with the highway department for a call back. It is three days later, and I still have not been called back.

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