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2017-04-19 / Local News

Triathlon commission taps resident


Metz Metz Fifteen years ago, Jon Metz was working on his doctorate in educational leadership at D’Youville College when he started feeling lethargic due to not getting enough exercise. So he started thinking of ways to keep himself active and gravitated toward the triathlon, which combines cycling, running and swimming in a race-style event.

Since then, the Williamsville resident has had a huge influence on the sport. He had a hand in establishing the women’s triathlon team as a varsity sport at Daemen College — one of 14 colleges across the country that sponsors women’s triathlon — and has served as its coach since its inception in 2015. Metz previously served as the youth coordinator on the USA Triathlon Northeast Regional Council.

Metz also can reach a large number of triathletes after he was recently chosen to fill one of three open vacancies on the USA Triathlon National Coaching Commission, an advisory board of certified triathlon coaches who work with the coach development senior manager and USA triathlon staff to further enhance the organization’s coaching certification and education programs. Metz’s term is for three years.

“In my former life I was an educator [at Erie I BOCES], and I like to tie education and coaching together,” Metz said. “Most coaches are former athletes and tend to understand what you need to do, but they don’t always articulate the ‘how’ and the ‘why.’ I think that was what set me apart from some of the other candidates.”

Metz said one of the primary goals of the commission is to advise the education department at the national governing body and give it feedback on ideas.

“I think it is important that we take this to the next level because it is important that our coaches maintain a high level of professionalism, and we are giving our athletes the best possible opportunities to succeed and reach their goals,” he said.

He is the second collegiate coach to sit on the commission. Tim Edwards, chairman of the commission, is the head coach at Cleveland State University.

Metz is also the president and CEO of TriVault, a company that provides coaching services for endurance athletes, mostly triathletes and duathletes (running, cycling, running).

He also holds certifications as a USA Triathlon Level II coach and as youth and junior coach.

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