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2017-04-19 / Local News

Publisher withdraws book agreement

by KEATON T. DEPRIEST Associate Editor

Historical Publishing Network has withdrawn from its agreement to publish a book that would commemorate the bicentennial of the Town of Amherst.

According to the agreement, which was approved by the Town Board in December, HPN was to sell business history and profiles for a portion of the book and provide royalties directly to Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village.

“Despite a strong effort over the past weeks, our project manager, Bob Sadorski, has concluded that there is simply not enough financial support for the book project to make it viable,” HPN President Ron Lammert said in a March 20 email to Supervisor Barry Weinstein and members of the Bicentennial Committee.

In the email, Lammert said the company’s withdrawal from the project is a “rare occurrence,” adding that HPN may not have evaluated the market as effectively as it should have prior to entering the agreement.

He did say, however, that the company “showed in good faith [the] expenditure of funds to create sales materials and to mail hundreds of letters to local businesses.”

BNHV officials, as well as members of the Bicentennial Committee, are currently developing events to coincide with the town’s 200th anniversary in 2018.

The committee, established by the Town Board in 2016, comprises Herbert Schmidt, executive director of Buffalo Niagara Heritage Village; David F. Sherman, town historian and managing editor of Bee Group Newspapers; Doug Kohler, Erie County historian; Susan Grelick, past town supervisor; and Julianna Fiddler-Woite, an author who wrote “Snyder, New York: A Brief History.”

Schmidt and Sherman are co-chairs of the committee.

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