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2017-04-19 / Lifestyles

Students share stress and anxiety causes, solutions

Stress and anxiety can negatively impact someone’s health. The Amherst Task Force for Healthy Community Healthy Youth believes everyone should have a way to deal with it. Here are some responses from students of the community who share how they cope with stress and anxiety.

Sarah, age 14: “School exams make me anxious. To cope, I make sure I study in intervals and take breaks. I also listen to calming music and get a good sleep in the nights leading up to exams.

Nick, age 14: “Bio makes me very stressed out, but doing yoga with my sister helps me calm down.”

Catherine, age 16: “Thinking about the future makes me anxious. To help cope, I turn to my friends and family for support.”

Female, age 16: “School makes me anxious. SAT, ACT and applying to college is very scary. I cope by sleeping and reading books.” Elise, age 16: “When struggling with anxiety, I’ve found that music is my escape. Having a music class in my school schedule and being involved in the school musical allows me to relax and forget about the stresses.”

Luke, age 16: “Schoolwork, finding a college that fits me and later wanting to get a job I love and that provides for me makes me anxious. I cope by enjoying time with my friends and family and just trusting things will work out.”

Stephanie, age 16: “All aspects of school make me anxious because it is so important to my future. To cope, I listen to music and watch TV for a while to relax.”

Abby, age 17: “Managing my time with school and sports overwhelms me. I try to get ahead of my schoolwork and talk things through with my mother.”

Aditi, age 18: “I’ve learned to persevere through the long hours of studying and stressful exams and focus on the aspects of my life that I am lucky to have. I have a great family and a solid group of friends that give me advice and support in all of my endeavors.”

Frank, age 18: “I get anxious about college and worry about the career that I will pursue. I cope by reading, usually science fiction.”

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