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2017-04-19 / Letters to the Editor

‘Bass’ entire life was about service

It should be noted that Adolph Charles Bassanello, known to his friends as “Bass,” died on March 31.

Bass was one of the founding members of the Jolly Boys of Williamsville, a charitable organization that quietly does an enormous amount of good for the young people in our community.

Bass’ entire life was in service to his nation and to his community. He joined the U.S. Navy at the beginning of World War II and became a fighter pilot. After he completed his active duty in the Navy, he enlisted in the Naval Reserve and rose to the rank of commander.

In addition to these activities, Bass served the Village of Akron as the postmaster, as a village trustee and as the mayor over a period of many years. Bass was a lifetime member of the Akron Volunteer Fire Department, serving several terms as chief.

His funeral was held April 4, on his 93rd birthday. As the funeral procession drove through the Village of Akron on its journey from the church to the cemetery, people stood on the sidewalk with their hands over their hearts to honor a man who was certainly part of the greatest generation.

Thomas Whissel
Lafayette Boulevard

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