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2017-04-19 / Front Page

Newcomers abound on school election ballots

by KEATON T. DEPRIEST Associate Editor

Make way for the newcomers. Of the three public school districts in the Town of Amherst, only one has a board of education incumbent seeking re-election, though another has a former member vying for a seat.

Ballots in the three districts are now set following Monday’s deadline for candidates to file petitions. Voting will take place from 7 a.m to 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 16, in all districts.

In the Amherst Central district, three candidates are seeking two board seats, each of which carry three-year terms.

The candidates are Jessica McLaughlin, Max Medwin and Mark Smith.

Incumbents Ann Marie Carosella and Illana Lane did not submit petitions for re-election.

Amherst’s budget vote and board election will be held in the gymnasium at Amherst Central High School, 4301 Main St., Amherst.

In the Sweet Home district, there are three candidates vying for two seats on the board. Each seat carries a five-year term.

Marianne Jasen will be running for re-election, with Michelle Mauger and Jennifer Poydock also seeking a board seat.

Douglas Galli, Sweet Home’s current board president, did not submit a petition for re-election.

The district’s budget vote and board election will be held in the Vergils Community Center at Sweet Home High School, 1901 Sweet Home Road, Amherst.

Williamsville Central will have seven candidates vying for three board seats. Each seat carries a three-year term.

Seeking election to the board are Susan D. McClary, Liam T. O’Mahony, Julie Algubani, Kurt R. Venator, Shonda L. Brock, Michael J. Littman and Philip S. Meyer.

Littman previously served as a member of the School Board and is a past president. However, he was not re-elected during the district’s 2015 elections.

The terms of three seats expire at the end of June. The posts are currently held by Patricia Losito, Michael Schmidt and Ronald Shubert. The incumbents did not submit petitions for re-election.

Williamsville’s budget vote and board election will be held in the gymnasium at Williamsville North High School, 1595 Hopkins Road.

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