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2017-04-19 / Front Page

Chemical dependency clinic

Town to discuss zoning restrictions

The Town Board during a special meeting set for next week will discuss a proposal to amend its zoning code to possibly restrict the location of medical facilities that dispense chemical dependency treatment medications.

The resolution, initiated by Council Member Ramona Popowich and co-sponsored by Council Member Francina Spoth, is scheduled to be  discussed during the meeting, set for 4 p.m. Monday, April 24, at the Amherst Municipal Building, 5583 Main St., Williamsville.

If the resolution is approved, the town attorney, with input from the commissioner of buildings and the director of planning, would prepare the necessary revisions to the zoning code to “address issues raised by the location of said chemical dependency clinics.”

The resolution stems from a plan by Catholic Health Systems to close its current clinic at 3730 Sheridan Drive in favor of a new location at 910 Millersport Highway.


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According to Catholic Health and Sisters of Charity officials, the plan would allow for expansion of services at the new Millersport facility, which is three-tenths of a mile from the existing location. The clinic, to be called Sisters Amherst Health Center and scheduled to open in the fall, would provide treatment services for addictions to drugs, alcohol and prescription medications.

Area residents, citing safety concerns, have requested that town officials suggest to Sisters of Charity a location in town that is not in proximity to homes or a park.

The new clinic would abut the rear of residential properties on North Ivyhurst Road and the building would also be about two-tenths of a mile from the northwest corner of Garnet Park.

Popowich’s resolution also states “the operation of a chemical dependency clinic which dispenses medications has negative secondary effects upon property values and other deleterious effects on the surrounding community.”

Two other resolutions are also scheduled to be discussed during the meeting; one regarding a field use agreement between the town and New York Inferno Fast Pitch for use and maintenance of Garnet Park, and a second that requests a public hearing for the removal of zoning restrictions on three North Forest Road properties.

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