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2017-03-15 / Editorial

Out of the Past

125 Years Ago

March 17, 1892

Mr. Anthony Pfohl and his family have moved from their former home into the house owned by Mr. H.B. Secrist about a mile east of this village. The services of Mr. Pfohl have been engaged at the Amherst Villa [Stock Farm] for the coming season.

Mr. H.M. Lockrow, the popular and genial tobacco dealer of Buffalo, visited friends here this morning.

Folks are selfish. There are too many people who will not “cast their bread upon the waters” unless they are assured beforehand that it will come back again in a few days as a full-grown sandwich, all trimmed with ham, butter and mustard, rolled up in a deed for one-half the value of earth and a mortgage on the other half.

“It is not a waste to spend your money on newspapers and magazines, because then you learn to talk about something else’s besides your neighbor’s affairs.”

100 Years Ago
March 15, 1917

Absolutely no food at all should be given young turkeys until the third day after hatching. Some of them are as greedy as pigs.

The proposition of authorizing the Village Board to expend not over $1,000 for the purchase of a chemical fire apparatus was won by 25 votes, there being 73 for the question and 48 against. The obtaining of a chemical will fill a long-felt need and will add considerably to the efficiency of our fire department.

While attempting to cross the ice at the Erie Canal near Pickard’s Bridge late Tuesday afternoon, Fred Runge of Wendelville fell into the canal. He was rescued by a farmer who was driving along the canal road.

Niagara County has one motorcycle for every 19 persons.

In an attempt to show that the people of the United States are united in backing the president’s action in breaking with Germany and to show Germany that the people are prepared to go to any length and suffer any sacrifice to uphold the national honor, the board of directors of the New York Federation of Churches has asked for approval by congregations of a declaration expressing these sentiments. A vote showed that 158 churches favored the declaration and that fifty-two were against it.

75 Years Ago
March 19, 1942

Supervisor Albert J. Herman reported Monday that plans for the establishment of a traffic signal at University Plaza are progressing.

Gregor G. Wik, 88, died Monday, March 17, 1942. He was born on the old Wik homestead on North Forest Road a short distance from his present home.

50 Years Ago
March 16, 1967

Williamsville’s second senior high school is taking shape earlier than expected because of the mild winter. Foundation forms have been poured at the Dodge-Hopkins site.

Eugene J. Bishop, 72, personnel manager of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra, died Wednesday, March 8, 1967. He was a member of the John Philip Sousa Band as a solo cornetist until Mr. Sousa died in 1932.

There are about 3.2 million telephones in upstate New York — more than half as many phones in all of France. New York State, in fact, would rank third among nations when it comes to telephones, behind the U.S. and Japan.

25 Years Ago
March 18, 1992

Melanie and Donald Scherer can now say they are the proud parents of four budding actresses. Their daughters, Amy, 17; Megan, 15; Lauren, 13; and Sarah, 10; will appear in Sweet Home High School’s production of “Carousel.”

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