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2017-03-15 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I am urging the HR department for the Williamsville Central School District to look into the way the buildings and grounds employees are being discriminated against when applying for promotional jobs. Employees are being disrespected.

.To all Amherst taxpayers, I found the answer as to why assessments were raised. Remember when the town board voted themselves a big pay raise? This is the answer: raise the assessments for all 44,000 Amherst property owners to pay for the big town board pay raises.

.People don’t remember that we used brine years ago and it ate up all the rubber on your car (wiper blades, ball joints), and it actually made the roads slippery besides. I worked for the town for more than 30 years, and that’s what happened.

.I have the smallest house on Garden Court, yet when I received my assessment, they estimated the selling cost at $105,000. Check it out. Would you pay the price?

.I think it’s time to consolidate the public works of Williamsville and turn it over to the county — the streets, parks and sewers. It would be more feasible to do this.

.I’m glad the Mensch Group clarified the misinformation regarding the Westwood project in last week’s Amherst Bee. People need to stick to the facts so that the important project can move forward. I call on the town planning board to recommend rezoning approval. This new neighborhood will be good for Amherst.

.Supervisor Weinstein needs to seriously assess the assessors. My home assessment has gone up $85,000 in the last five years. Nothing has been done to my home as far as improvements. I guess if Amherst wants to drive homeowners out of the area, they are doing a great job. These assessors have to go.

.My assessment went up as did many others, and in all probability the taxes will also rise. Who picks up the slack for tax breaks for big businesses? Where is my tax rebate?

.The Amherst assessor is not responsible for the property tax levy or spending in the town. Anger should be correctly directed to past and current town board members who have managed, over time, to hire and overstaff the Amherst public-sector workforce. Compensation for this group well exceeds all adjacent towns. Amherst employee average wages are higher than the next highest town, West Seneca.

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