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2017-02-15 / Police Blotter

Isolated backpack seen on sidewalk

(Editor’s note: From Feb. 4 through 7, 324 calls to dispatchers were logged into the Amherst police’s computer database. The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the Police Department. The blotter is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported. It is also not a record of all calls answered by dispatchers.)

Saturday, Feb. 4

• A youth in his mid-teens wearing a red hat rang the doorbell of a Palmdale Drive residence. The homeowners saw him on the surveillance camera and thought it might be soliciting and did not open the door. The wife looked out an upstairs window and noticed a black car outside. The subject who was at the door reportedly looked too young to be driving.

• A patient at an area rehabilitation center called 911 requesting oxygen, claiming the facility was short-staffed and no one was taking care of residents. She said she “wants to talk to police because staff ignores them.”

• A caller said two iPhones were fraudulently purchased at a Transit Road cellular phone store using the complainant’s Social Security number.

Sunday, Feb. 5

• A resident of Creekside Drive complained of possibly having a laptop hacked since there were several files missing.

• An explicit note was left on a car while it was parked in the end of a lot on an angle. The owner believed the vehicle may have been damaged intentionally when the note was left. Police concluded that the car’s issue was a problem with the factory finish paint job, not criminal mischief.

• Police were notified after a bar was found on the door of a church on Frankhauser Road. The pastor believed that someone tried to pry the door open with the bar in the middle of the night.

Monday, Feb. 6

• Two white men in their 20s were going door to door saying they are selling Anderson’s Windows. They left in a white SUV with a white woman driving. A Washington Highway resident requested an area check, but the individuals were gone by the time police arrived.

• A woman's niece called police to report that someone called her aunt requesting personal information and an address where they could send a check to her. The woman was advised that this was a fraud. No information was given.

• A Gatewood Lane resident wanted to advise police that he found footprints around his car, which was locked and in the driveway overnight. The complainant says nothing was taken, but he has pictures of the footprints in the snow if police need them.

Tuesday, Feb. 7

• A man was walking around a parking lot on John James Audubon Parkway looking into people’s cars along with a woman in her 50s who was wearing a neon-green safety vest.

• A woman called to complain that her front license plate and screws were missing. Police advised her to go to the DMV to get new plates.

• A driver called police after observing a black backpack and large battery sitting along the side of the road on Covent Garden Lane. Police were able to locate the backpack and brought it in.

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