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2017-02-15 / Local News

Resident wants to help area’s young artists


Nathan Miller Nathan Miller Williamsville resident Nathan Miller wants to bring an educational side of the arts to the Meeting House. With his love of theater, Miller hopes the area’s art scene continues to thrive and flourish.

Miller grew up in Snyder. His family moved to Chicago for five years, but upon return, Miller went to Canisius High School and then to Niagara University, where he received his bachelor’s degree in theater performance.

He and his wife, Lisa, are now Williamsville residents, and Miller sits on the village’s Arts & Culture committee.

“Williamsville, in particular, has such a vibrant small-town atmosphere, and the things that make villages function are the culture, local businesses, etc.,” Miller said.

“The Arts & Culture Committee is extremely passionate about making those things happen in Williamsville, and theater is what I do best, so it made sense to contribute to it in that way.”

This summer, Miller hopes to implement a series of workshops geared specifically toward audition preparation for high-schoolers and college students, claiming that it would be the only workshop of its kind in the area.”

“I have found that young actors in our area are disastrously under-prepared for auditions. [We] will focus specifically on choosing audition material, cold reading techniques and more,” he said.

Miller’s love for performance made him start his own production company, Pared Down Productions. He tries to present the adapted plays and musicals in their truest form, which sometimes means simplifying sets and creating a minimalist but memorable experience.

“My passion is in directing, for sure. I’d love to be an artistic director someday.”

Pared Down Productions currently is presenting a rendition of the Broadway musical “Next to Normal” until Sunday, Feb. 26, at the Meeting House, 5658 Main St., Williamsville.

For times or to purchase tickets online, visit www.brownpapertickets.com and search for “Next to Normal,” presented by Pared Down Productions.” Tick- ets cost $16.50 for seniors and $18 for other adults.

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