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2017-02-15 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I completely support the Williamsville School Board’s decision to oppose the appointment of Betsy DeVos. Readers, be informed Ms. DeVos is not an opponent of the public education system. As our country grew years ago, our public school system became one of the greatest in the world ensuring all children receive a great education. This is not exactly her philosophy, so be informed before making decisions. The school board is looking at this as trying to protect the rights and sanctity of the public school system.

.I see repair work on Youngs and Ayer is being completed, but I don’t see any progress or road work being done on Maple Road. Driving on Maple is like driving down a rutty country road. When is this going to be taken care of? It needs to be a priority.

.I live on Hershey Court near Culpepper, and when I heard Supervisor Weinstein at the town board meeting say that people always stop for the stop sign that was put up on Culpepper over a year ago, I just couldn’t believe it. I see people run the stop sign on Culpepper almost every day; of course, I see people run stop signs on other streets, too. So, when I saw the question this week, I wish it would have just asked if people run stop signs in your neighborhood, because if there is a neighborhood where it doesn’t happen, I would be shocked. We certainly don’t need more stop signs; all we need are drivers to slow down and obey existing traffic laws.

.This week’s Bee question is very timely, and the town board with a 5-0 vote was correct in approving stop signs on Northledge at Bergman Drive. The real underlying issue here is that these streets and Burroughs Drive are a cut-through zone from Main to Harlem. Speeding drivers who pay little attention to pedestrian safety are the problem here; the traffic volume count was not relevant to the problem.

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