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2017-01-25 / Police Blotter

Young boy receives mail about vehicle warranty

Saturday, Jan. 14

• Parents got into a physical altercation at an ice rink on Amherst Manor Drive. Hockey parents were mad that the other team was running up the score.

• A woman playing tennis observed a white man in a dark hoodie at a park on South Long Street. She suspected he might be dealing drugs because people would go up to him and leave right away.

• A Saratoga Drive resident reported receiving a “weird” picture from some random guy on Facebook messenger.

Sunday, Jan. 15

• A black woman in her 40s, who was allegedly already caught shoplifting on camera earlier in the week, was seen stuffing three bottles of champagne into her leather jacket at a liquor store on Harlem Road. She left as a back-seat passenger.

• During the 11 a.m. service at a church on Crosspoint Parkway, someone observed Middle Eastern men in attendance. One of the men left his coat, hat and backpack at the church. The complainant said security took the items but felt that the incident was suspicious and wanted police to be notified. The men were approximately 20 years old, wearing leather jackets, backpacks and red- and white-striped hats.

• Residents on Lyndhurst Road had items taken out of both of their cars. Nothing of value was taken, but the complainant reports that his vehicles were unlocked but parked behind a locked fence.

Monday, Jan. 16

• A resident on Robin Road wanted to report that she heard her neighbor saying “I love you” to his children multiple times. She “rambled on about strange things that happen in Apt C” claiming she “knows all about it.”

• A black man in his 40s was trying to use a $50 bill at Chuck E Cheese that did not pass the mark and black light test, indicating it might be counterfeit. The front desk employee met patrol at the entrance.

• A resident on Charter Oaks Drive believes her neighbors have been leaving things in the shared laundry room to upset her. She was advised that this is a civil matter and to contact the apartment complex management.

Tuesday, Jan. 17

• A woman had a verbal altercation with another driver at a carwash on Niagara Falls Boulevard who then pulled into the handicapped space she was trying to park in. She did not want to wait for patrol but still called to complain.

• Two men were going door to door on Sherbrooke Road, soliciting remodeling services for a construction company. One white man was wearing a ski mask, and both men were wearing orange and yellow reflective jackets. They were advised to not return to the town without a permit.

• A Kaymar Drive resident said she and her young son have been receiving mail and phone calls from a vehicle service department inquiring about extending their vehicle warranty. The complainant wanted this incident documented because of the age of her son.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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