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2016-04-06 / Business

More auto bureau patrons registering as organ donors

As April begins “Donate Life” Month, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs reported a significant increase in the amount of customers at Erie County Auto Bureaus who signed up for the state’s organ and tissue donor registry.

“We have increased the number of registrants by 62 percent from two years ago,” Jacobs said.

According to a press release from Jacobs’ office, the success is the result of a coordinated campaign between the Clerk’s Office and Unyts — a regional organ transplant organization — to encourage customers at auto bureaus to consider signing up for the organ donation registry.

Through the partnership auto bureau employees were trained on the significance of organ donations so they could better inform customers.

Throughout New York State, the majority of people who register to be organ donors do so at local auto bureaus or departments of motor vehicles.

“The goal of our partnership with Unyts was to dramatically increase the numbers of Erie County drivers joining the registry,” said Jacobs.

Over the last two years, Erie County Auto Bureaus have signed up nearly 45,000 individuals to the state organ donor registry.

“This number is significant because it has a great potential to save lives,” said Jacobs.

UNYTS reports that one organ and tissue donor has the ability to save and enhance the lives of up to 50 people.

“Through the simple act of checking a box on a DMV form a life could be saved, [and] we’ll continue to get the word out about this important initiative,” Jacobs said.

For information on how to enroll in the New York State Donate Life Organ and Tissue Donor Registry, contact the Erie County Auto Bureau’s Call Center at 858-7450.

For more information on organ donation visit www.nydrivers4life.com or www.unyts.org.

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