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2015-11-18 / Editorial

Supervisor’s proposal deserves further review

Bee Editorial

On Monday, Supervisor Barry Weinstein revealed a detailed proposal that includes the possible purchase of Glen Oak Golf Course for approximately $4.6 million.

According to his plan, Weinstein said the cost of the transaction could be paid for by reconfiguring Audubon Golf Course and selling — for the purposes of development — approxi- mately 25 to 75 acres of land adjacent to Millersport Highway and the University at Buffalo. Weinstein said the revenue would pay for the Glen Oak Golf Course, and any excess money would be put into a trust and agency account.

To reduce annual revenue losses, the Town Board in 2014 approved privatizing its management of its three existing golf courses: Audubon Golf Course at 500 Maple Road, Audubon Par 3 at 475 Maple Road, and Oakwood at 3575 Tonawanda Creek Road. In March, the Town Board authorized a license agreement with Value Golf LLC, which is the company that manages the three courses. Although Weinstein said that at this time he is unable to determine how much revenue has been saved by privatizing its golf course operations, he said that according to many town golfers, the level of play at the courses has improved.

Additionally, during recent Town Board meetings The Bee has attended, several people have stated their pleasure this year in using the town’s golf courses. The residents noted that the courses have improved following Value Golf’s management agreement with the town.

We also believe Weinstein’s plan to alienate land off Millersport Highway for development use could be extremely useful to developers seeking to construct businesses just outside of UB’s North Campus corridor. According to Weinstein, extra revenue from the transaction would aid in the possibility of acquiring the former gun club property on Maple Road as well as provide an opportunity to work with Mensch Capital Partners on a new plan for the former Westwood Country Club site.

The Bee believes that while there may be some aspects of Weinstein’s proposal that the public may not agree with, his plan does provide opportunities for the town’s future.

We feel that the proposal deserves to be examined, as the benefits and costs still need to be explored. We hope the community will become engaged in this proposal and that residents will listen and take part in a respectful dialogue with town officials concerning the matter.

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