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2015-11-04 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Someone needs to start paying attention to the problems at the senior center. Why don’t they sell coffee in the cafe? Cafe means coffee. We have to walk a long distance, which is hard for the elderly.

.Regarding the new law allowing dogs at your restaurant, I will not eat with the dogs. Please put a big sign out front so I won’t need to get out of the car if you are allowing them.

.Every week I read the police blotter. When will people learn to lock their cars in their driveways and on the street? Today’s paper has four cars from which things were stolen. Why don’t people lock their cars? They’ll never learn.

.For a couple of years, the village board has warned of the need for over an extra $1 million in tax revenue in the near future. The board’s solution has been to plan for and promote large-scale, mixed-use development along Main Street. The first of several large empty parcels has acquired a new owner who proposes a $9 million project at Main and Hirschfield; however, he wants tax abatement. What do the citizens of the village gain from this trend, other than more traffic?

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