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2014-11-19 / Local News

Resident pens book to assist seniors, families


Menzies Menzies As a way to help families proceed through the long-term care system and its legal and financial aspects, Laurie Menzies recently published “Embracing Elderhood — Planning for the Next Stage of Life.”

Menzies authored the book to assist people who may have aging relatives requiring long-term care. She added that after a person retires, he or she may still remain active though entering another stage of life. She said, however, that comprehensive planning of how to pay for and manage family issues should always be discussed in advance.

With parents who were married 68 years and were concerned about their own care as they aged, Menzies said the book was written from her viewpoint as a daughter in addition to her being an elder law and estate planning attorney.

“I wrote the book as both a lawyer and a daughter,” said Menzies, a graduate of Williamsville North High School.

Menzies is a senior partner at Pfalzgraf, Beinhauer and Menzies, at 455 Cayuga Road, Cheektowaga. She said it is the only law firm in Western New York that is dedicated exclusively to elder law and estate planning.

“Most of us think about and plan for the retirement years when we will still be relatively healthy and active,” Menzies said. “What is harder to envision and plan for are those years, generally in our 80s and 90s, when our bodies begin to slow down and we may need more care.”

Menzies graduated from Vassar College in 1986 and earned her law degree from the University at Buffalo School of Law in 1996.

She said the concept of embracing elderhood is really about planning for and celebrating a new phase in life, rather than fearing the phase.

“My goal is to provide families some guidance on what should be considered and how to plan early on, so they or their loved ones can continue to enjoy their lives through every stage,” Menzies said.

The attorney has launched a website and blog addressing issues on age-related planning. Further information about the book can be found at www.EmbracingElderhood.com. More information about her law firm is available at www.PBMlawyers.com.

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