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2014-08-27 / Police Blotter

Heim Road gets carpeted

Monday, Aug. 18

• Police were called to a home on Darwin Drive, where a woman said there were three bats in her house. She reported that two were contained while the other was on the kitchen ceiling. The woman said she was remaining locked in her bedroom until police arrived. When police arrived, they discovered more than three bats.

• There was a report of 30 youths inside a gazebo at a park on Garrison Road. The report stated that the area smelled like marijuana. When police arrived, five to six youths were advised of park hours and there was no smell of marijuana.

Tuesday, Aug. 19

• A passing motorist reported that a large piece of carpet was in the roadway on Heim Road. The carpet was gone when police arrived.

Wednesday, Aug. 20

• A resident on Covent Garden Lane reported that four children were throwing things at cars.

• On Bramble Court, police responded to a report where a woman said someone made a 2-inch hole above her door, allowing bees to come into her house. She told officers she had killed 20 bees.

Thursday, Aug. 21

• Police responded to Vine Lane for a report of a cracked window with a possible bullet hole in the middle. It was unknown when the incident took place.

At a house on North French Road, there was a report of a tire slashing. Police discovered the tire was not slashed and that the driver ran over something that caused the flat.

Friday, Aug. 22

• Police responded to Summerset Lane for a report of children running, jumping and making a lot of noise in the upper apartment of the residence. The complainant said it’s a constant problem.

• A noise complaint was made for a house on Maplemere Road. The music was said to be loud, profane and a constant problem.

• Police responded to Dellwood Road for a report of children trying to pull street signs out of the ground.

Saturday, Aug. 23

• A worker at a Main Street grocery store said 10 college-age individuals took two bags of chips and walked out of the store.

• Police were called to Kingsbridge Court where three teenagers were playing ding dong ditch. The teens were picked up by their parents.

Sunday, Aug. 24

• Police responded to a house on Endicott Drive where change and an iPod had been taken from an unlocked vehicle.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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