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2014-08-20 / Police Blotter

Public benches reportedly smothered in ointment

Monday, Aug. 11

• A person reported discovering damage at Dellwood Park. Several benches were reportedly tagged with graffiti, while a picnic bench and portable toilet were flipped onto their sides.

• On Robin Road, a resident reported returning home after several days away to find her vehicle’s license plates had been stolen.

• A woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Transit Road department store. She was apprehended by store security and transported to police headquarters.

Tuesday, Aug. 12

• Police responded to Dodge Road playground where a person reported two outdoor benches were coated with “some type of substance.” It was discovered that the substance was diaper rash ointment.

• An employee of a North Bailey Avenue business reported that a young boy stole several items from the store. Among the items stolen were several lighters. The employee said the youth was smoking a cigarette as he fled on a bicycle.

• On Sheridan Drive, a motorist reported that a driver passed a school bus and was swerving in and out of traffic lanes. The motorist added that the driver was tailgating other vehicles and making obscene hand gestures.

Wednesday, Aug. 13

• A woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Niagara Falls Boulevard business. The woman was reportedly an employee at the store. She was apprehended by security personnel.

• A resident of Ridge Lea Road reported that her neighbor was attempting to purposely annoy her by knocking on her door for 20 consecutive minutes.

• On Amherstdale Road, a resident reported that a man wearing dirty clothes was going through garbage cans in the neighborhood. The resident said the man “dumped his garbage and it was laying in the middle of the street.”

Thursday, Aug. 14

• Police responded to Willow Ridge Elementary School where youths were reportedly running around and disrupting the neighborhood. Officers requested that the youths return home and advised them of the neighborhood complaint.

• At an Alberta Drive business, a patron reported that hubcaps from his vehicle were stolen while he was inside the store.

• An employee of a Main Street grocery store reported that a group of youths stole a shopping cart. He told police the teenagers may have damaged the cart in their efforts to exit the parking lot.

Friday, Aug. 15

• Police responded to a Niagara Falls Boulevard motel where a woman was demanding a refund because she said it was a terrible experience. Employees were refusing to give the woman a refund, and as a result, she said she would not leave the premises. The woman eventually left the business after speaking to officers.

• A resident of Bauman Road reported returning home to find dark-colored liquid poured on his porch.

• On Dellwood Road, a resident reported that a neighbor was igniting fireworks. Police responded to the area but were unable to locate the source of the reported fireworks use.

Saturday, Aug. 16

• At a Main Street grocery store, a man was reportedly arguing with employees about the cost of his food total. Police responded; however, the man quickly left after paying for his groceries.

• Police responded to a Main Street parking lot where a patron reported that youths were throwing items at parked vehicles.

• A juvenile male was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Sheridan Drive department store.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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