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2014-08-06 / Police Blotter

Resident reports bicycle missing, another left on property

Monday, July 28

• A resident of Chestnut Ridge Road reported that an unknown person entered his vehicle overnight and stole cash. The vehicle was reportedly unlocked at the time. The glove box was also reported damaged.

• On Callodine Avenue, a resident reported that traffic cones were stolen from the backyard. The resident said the theft occurred within the past two days.

• At a Maple Road business, a patron reported that his Dodge truck’s rear window was smashed. The incident occurred in the business’s parking lot while the patron was inside the store.

Tuesday, July 29

• A patron of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that his $400 motorcycle helmet was stolen while the vehicle was parked in the lot.

• A woman was arrested for allegedly shoplifting from a Transit Road department store. She was apprehended by store security and transported to police headquarters for arrest processing.

• Approximately four youths were reportedly being disruptive in a wooded area off Roger Chaffee Drive. Police responded but were unable to locate the youths.

Wednesday, July 30

• A resident of Capen Boulevard reported that jewelry items and a video game system were stolen from the house sometime during the early evening. The resident said a person may have gained access to the house from an unlocked rear door.

• At a Maple Road restaurant, an employee reported that a customer was arguing with the manager because of the building’s “untidy conditions.” According to the employee, the man was swearing in front of other customers and making a scene as he sat at a table and continued eating.

• On Auxaire Drive, a contractor reported that a resident’s neighbor was accusing him of property damage. The neighbor was reportedly yelling at the contractor and his employees.

Thursday, July 31

• A resident of Parkhaven Drive reported that a neighbor’s dog was barking continuously, as there was a campfire in the backyard. Police responded and asked the neighbor to extinguish the fire and to try to prevent the dog from creating a nuisance.

• A customer reported that the window of her vehicle was damaged while she was inside a Transit Road store. She was unsure if anything was stolen from the vehicle during the incident.

• At an Alberta Drive grocery store, an employee said a man in his mid-40s ran out of the business with several unpurchased items before “dumping a handful of merchandise just outside the front door” before fleeing across the street. The merchandise dropped was reportedly worth approximately $75.

Friday, Aug. 1

• Approximately 12 youths were reportedly loitering near a Windermere Boulevard playground at nearly midnight. Police responded and located several youths near the playground. Officers advised the teens to return home immediately.

• A man and woman were apprehended for allegedly attempting to shoplift from a Sheridan Drive department store. According to security personnel who caught the couple, the two were “getting antsy” as they awaited police arrival.

• On Allenhurst Road, a resident reported that a bicycle was missing from the garage. The resident also reported that a different bicycle was left outside the garage.

Saturday, Aug. 2

• The patron of a Niagara Falls Boulevard business reported that his vehicle’s tires were damaged by a man who parked next to his car.

• An employee of a Maple Road business reported that approximately $300 worth of Crest whitening strips and Rogaine were stolen from the store.

• At a Niagara Falls Boulevard business, an employee reported that two youths were banging on the front doors.

(Editor’s note: The Bee’s police blotter is a sampling of unusual calls received by the police department. It is not intended to be a complete record of all incidents reported.)

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