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2014-07-30 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.I am extremely disappointed that the Amherst Town Board re-staffed the police department up to 153 officers from the current 150.

.The caller about the Audubon Golf Course is correct. The course is an embarrassment. Instead of planting grass seed and maintaining the course, it looks like a cattle field. If you think potholes on Hopkins Road were bad this year, you should see the ones a foot deep on some of the cart paths. You mean to tell me Amherst doesn’t have any dirt or stones to fill them? They’ve been that way since last year.

.There was a special Amherst Board of Education meeting held on June 26 where $9.7 million of expenditures were approved with almost no discussion by the board on the bids and no disclosure to the public of the bid details. In addition, there appears to be no willingness on the part of the board to discuss the information, as it’s not posted online anywhere and wasn’t available at the meeting to taxpayers who attended. Thankfully, you can watch this recorded meeting online posted by the new parent advocacy group, amherstrqs.org.

.I agree with the man regarding Amherst Audubon Golf Course. While it has the finest greens in the area of the courses I’ve played this year, the rest of the course is in very sad condition. Perhaps a true greens keeper could be hired to oversee the highway department workers who currently maintain the course.

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