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2014-07-09 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.It is past 7:30 in the evening on Monday, and I’m still listening to the constant beeping of the construction vehicles on the construction site on Casey Road. Exactly how long does this annoying beeping have to continue and how late are these people required to work in the evening? We could use some quiet once in a while.

.I know it’s only one night of the year, but if I wanted all those aftershock blasts that are associated with the fireworks, I would have bought a house near UB.

.Must be nice to have thousands of dollars to blow up in two hours. Don’t be neighborhood hotshots; donate to charity and go watch a show for free. My newborn and I would appreciate it.

.From a welcome display of investigative journalism by The Bee, we learned that a fiber optic cable line dedicated for town and Sweet Home School District usage has been damaged — possibly by village forces using a backhoe to excavate and plant trees. A formal investigation will classify this unnecessary event as preventable because hand shoveling wasn’t used to expose the fiber optic cable and other buried utilities prior to employing the backhoe.

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