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2012-12-05 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.It’s nice to know that the Town of Amherst investigated The Pines East subdivision’s residents’ concerns about flooding, sinking homes and construction work, but unfortunately, they are turning a blind eye to whatever construction work is taking place on New Road at the corner of Snowberry. Any time there is no rain or no snow, dump trucks and earth movers are there all day, yet the town doesn’t want to investigate that area for some reason.

.To the person commenting about Sweet Home stopping the practice of picking up elementary students in front of their houses, I say thank you Sweet Home for doing the right thing. Has this person not seen the headlines over the last six months? It’s just not safe being a pedestrian, besides having to worry about your child being picked up by some lunatic. Why should parents have to walk their kids to a corner in the middle of winter? We pay the same taxes as everyone else in the district. Thanks, Sweet Home, for keeping children safe.

.Being elderly doesn’t give people license to dictate to and accuse neighbors of being inconsiderate because of their errant falling leaves. Property owners are allowed whatever trees they wish, unless there is a safety issue or question of law. Large, mature trees are an extremely valuable asset and to be preserved if healthy. No property owner should have to do anything they don’t want to do to their trees just to prevent trees from falling on an elderly neighbor’s lawn.

.I see the village wants to get rid of the water system. What’s next? The DPW?

.There was a pile of leaves that my lawn service piled in front of my house (not in the street) over two weeks ago, and by the time the town finally picked them us this week, there was a third of the pile left from them blowing down the street. Someone from the highway department must live on the streets where the people commended Bob Anderson and the highway department.

.I find it hard to believe that Mayor Kulpa is wasting time and money having board meetings with landscape architects and trying to figure out ways to restrict traffic on Main Street more than it already is. I think Main Street in Williamsville has a bit more traffic on it than the Village of East Aurora. Also, do we really need concerts in the street during the summer? We have parks with parking lots. Perhaps moving the toll booth on the Thruway would help eliminate some of the traffic on Main Street also. Efforts should be focused on moving the toll booth.

.Earlier this year, the town board pretended to be concerned about moving the Williamsville toll barrier. How is that working out?

.When did it become legal to park your car during the snow season between the sidewalk and the curb? Also is it legal to pave between the sidewalk and the curb? I thought we didn’t own that property, but yet on some property people did pave it and they park their cars. Is this legal?

.Regarding the feature story about the two hunters and how they bonded and killed for sport, let me suggest that if you call the state department of fishing and wildlife, they will send you a film or tape on how an animal is slaughtered in a slaughterhouse. I imagine you have a hamburger or steak once in a while. Ever wonder how you got that food? There was no bonding there. Think before you speak.

.If hunters bonded with their spouses, they wouldn’t have to worry about bonding with the hunters. Try bonding with your mate, and it will take your mind off bonding with other hunters.

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