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2012-02-15 / Letters to the Editor

NFTA reductions going undetected

Are people aware that 216 bus lines are threatened with being cut by the elite powers to be connected with the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority?

This includes buses that travel to and from the Walden Galleria, Thruway, Boulevard and McKinley malls to name just a few.

How will people get to their respective jobs in the malls? What about the consumers who rely on the malls to shop? Will that not affect our economy as businesses will not have as many customers to sell their wares to?

Buses will be eliminated from Orchard Park, East Aurora, Depew, Lancaster, West Seneca and Lackawanna. The buses to Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital and to the Erie County Home have been eliminated. This is truly inhumane.

Buses that go from Erie Community College South, North and City campus to downtown and back has been cut.

I am someone who had a car, and I know the money that is needed to sustain a vehicle, and I am also an individual who now takes the transit system.

The city thinks they’re saving money by cutting all these routes, but it will cause businesses to go down in sales, more people unemployed because they cannot get to their jobs and all the bus drivers that will be let go because there will be such a cut in buses. When people lose their jobs because there is no transit system to get them there it brings about psychological repercussions as well.

I must add that the Metro Rail is also being cut. On a weekend a rail will cease to be at 8 p.m. Is this absolutely ludicrous?

We need a constructive, militant group of people who rise up and help others to empower themselves. Top down operation. Please contact your local state senators and state your opinion.

Sandra Jardine
Bidwell Parkway

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