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2012-02-15 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The government relations work group of the Village Picture Main Street Committee needs to contact the New York Thruway Authority to determine why, after so many broken promises, the Williamsville mainline tollbooth still remains at the original 1958 location.

.To the caller who is worried about their tax bill and voted to dissolve the village, they might want to know that wasn’t their village tax bill, that was their town tax bill, and maybe they should dissolve the town. That might be a good idea.

.The Village of Williamsville DPW did an amazing job in Glen Park getting the water flowing; everyone should stop and check it out.

.I was disgusted to read another short-sighted column in The Bee. The Keystone pipeline is more corporate greed looking only short term. The answer to our energy needs is green energy, like solar, wind and geothermal. It is the short- and long-term answer with health and environmental benefits

.I have a suggestion for the U.S. Postal Service. If they want to save money, have every house with a mailbox out in front at the street, so they just have to drive down the street. It would be much more efficient if they delivered at a box street side rather than having to walk up driveways to deliver.

.I would like if my mail would stop reeking like cigarette smoke every time it is delivered to my house. It saddens me that I signed a petition to have mail service continue every day of the week we currently have, when postal carriers do not have the respect to make sure my mail comes into my house smoke-free.

.Village Traffic and Safety Committee minutes from Jan. 13, 2011 begin to address traffic volumes on Main Street. A private consultant will be hired to create a design for a walkable, viable Main Street based on the community plan. Since village taxpayers will foot the bill for this consultant, the money would be better spent designing a new, cash-less Cloverleaf interchange off of the Thruway onto Youngs Road.

.I can’t understand why the Amherst Museum’s name had to be changed. The name they chose has no memory whatsoever, and I think it’s disgraceful that they no longer have the “Amherst Museum and Historical Park.”

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