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2012-01-25 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.The Town of Amherst has been threatening residents with fines if they do not clear their sidewalks. I live on Maple Road, and here it is two days after the snowfall and the Town of Amherst has not cleared the sidewalks. It’s a little hypocritical. They should forget about fining other people for not clearing their sidewalks if they don’t do it themselves.

.What happened to the snowplows? We have three to four inches of snow, and it’s still on the roads. I’m a 50-year resident of Amherst, and it’s the worst I’ve ever seen.

.It’s Monday afternoon, a couple days after our latest snow. I just passed Getzville Fire Station 2 and, although their parking lot is cleared, the sidewalks have not been touched. Don’t they have to follow the same rules as everyone else regarding clearing sidewalks?

.When will our town and state police crack down on drivers with only one headlight? It’s the law; you need two headlights, so let’s start issuing tickets.

.People have no common sense anymore. I was driving on the 90 towards the Walden Avenue exit, merging towards the right to get into my exit, and a silver SUV started braking ahead of me with no one ahead of him. He kept braking, almost to a stop. I laid on the horn and after a few seconds, he got off the exit. When I turned to leer at him, of course, he was looking down laughing, most likely texting. He could have killed me if I wasn’t paying attention. They need to invent a device to shut off cell phones while driving unless it’s an emergency, because I’m sick of it.

.I just watched Modern Disposal come down Garden Parkway in the Village of Williamsville with one truck, dumping both the garbage and recycle bins in that one truck. Why are we separating the stuff?

.Snow-plowing service from the Town of Amherst has been extremely poor in the Village of Williamsville.

.I’m very disappointed with snow plowing in the Town of Amherst. It snowed seven hours ago, and my road is still not plowed or salted. Now the Amherst Police want to put a parking ticket on my car for parking overnight. They haven’t even plowed the street, nor they probably will until after 7 o’clock. What’s wrong with the highway department?

.Another hotel in the Williamsville area is ridiculous. We already have a large hotel at Main and Los Robles, just a few blocks from the proposed hotel. All this will do is create more traffic problems and congestion. During business hours, traffic on Main Street is already backed up between South Forest and Union.

.The disregard for simple traffic laws in Mill Middle School’s parking lot is truly unbelievable. The running of stop signs, the parking in fire lines, the driving at imprudent speeds are all inexcusable. Why anyone would want to even risk the well-being of a child in or out of a car is beyond me. Besides, you are not setting a good example for your children who will be driving in a few years themselves. You know who you are; cut it out. Maybe the embarrassment of getting a ticket in front of a bunch of middle school kids would solve it, but I would hope that common sense would prevail.

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