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2012-01-18 / Bee Heard

Bee Heard

.Ninety-nine percent of the New York State daily use of electricity is generated from coal, nuclear, natural gas and hydro. Only 1 percent of its daily use of electricity is generated from wind and solar power combined. Electricity cannot be stored. If we relied only on wind and solar power to generate electricity for all of New York State, it would only be enough to meet the electrical needs for only 15 minutes every 24 hours.

.In the free market private-sector, success for a business is measured by the profit and loss statement. Profits keep the business alive and growing, which is essential for survival. In the public sector, what is the comparable measurement? I suggest there is a way to evaluate the local government sector, and it is by our overall loss of population and migration from one town to another. By this standard, our local governments are failures.

.To the caller who thinks the Amherst Citizens Police Academy is a duplication of a service at ECC, you obviously never attended the Amherst CPA. Maybe you should have done so before making a comment about something you obviously know nothing about.

.Williamsville School Board, my number one priority would have been to maintain our present classroom sizes, where the real teaching is done. We all know the ratio of teacher to student equals better or worse results. Also, I am sure parents would pass the real cap number of around 3.5 percent in order to maintain our excellent programs for our excellent students.

.Village taxpayers, New York Bill A72-b takes effect Feb. 2, 2012. This law requires our village to upload to their website proposed resolutions, laws, rules and regulations prior to their being any discussion at the twice monthly board meetings. As of Jan. 11, 2012, the last two board meetings from December 2011 still haven’t been uploaded. Amherst town minutes are put on their website within five days. Why can’t the village do the equivalent?

.Regarding the recent sale of the compost facility, I noticed Mr. Krantz is not only buying a facility but all the new equipment that goes with it, which is probably worth $200,000. Mr. Weinstein says it’s a good deal for Krantz, and he’s right.

.I disagree with the editorial about the new trash pickup in the village. They didn’t get the flyer out until the last day of the year, which is one day before the changes. They didn’t emphasize the fact that, when there is a holiday, all pickups would be delayed by another day, which didn’t happen in the past. That led to the confusion. The pickup was not bad in my area once it occurred.

.Regarding all the negative remarks about the public employees in this town, they deserve every penny they get. Years ago, no one wanted the jobs because they paid minimum wage. Over the years, they have received better benefits and a little bit better pay. If you don’t like to pay higher taxes in the Town of Amherst, I suggest you move to a different community where you pay less taxes. I live in this town and pay the high taxes because I want the great service from all the departments.

.Since the mayor’s list of priorities includes communication as his chief concern, I suggest posting the Nov. 16, 2011 Draft Copy Charter for the Proposed Main Street Committee on the website. Also, no village Traffic and Safety Committee minutes have been posted since Nov. 4, 2010. Postings on the website is the place to start for communication.

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